"Kyimolung means the hidden Valley of Happiness. We don't travel there; we transform where we are."

Cultivating wisdom

Serang Monastery, which sits quietly in the Himalayas, has nurtured generations of dedicated students, scholars, and practitioners for over 500 years. We continue to preserve the precious source of genuine Buddhist teachings under an unbroken lineage. Read more

caring for children

Many orphans and children from underprivileged families in Nepal grow up without basic education.  We are planning to a secular, charitable boarding school in Kathmandu. It is open to children whose family cannot afford public or private education in Nepal and make quality education accessible to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, caste, or religion. Nearly 50 children have arrived at the Serang Monastery where they receive education and share facilities with monastic sangha until the school is built. Read more

connecting traditional and modern

Learning and personal development in the 21st century can draw from the wealth of knowledge and methods from both the traditional spiritual teachings and the modern secular education. A new learning center will be established in the Kathmandu Valley for students, scholars, practitioners, and visitors around the world. Read more

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