Donate for the Children's School

Nuptul Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche and The Mahasukha Foundation USA are fundraising for the Orgyenling Children's School. We need your help to raise $650,000 USD to purchase land in Kathmandu Valley to begin building the first structure.

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large companies that wish to promote spirituality,  ecological sustainability, and holistic science may find Mahasukha Foundation USA well-suited for their annual charitable donations.

Dedicating your financial gift brings great merit. Donate in the name of yourself, family,  friends, loved ones, the sick or dying, or on behalf of a cause.

Your financial support will help preserve Buddhism, benefit many beings and create more harmony for our precious planet. Click the donate button to make a one-time gift or monthly recurring contribution via Pay Pal, credit card, check, or bank-to-bank wire transfer.  Any amount is appreciated and makes a difference.

“Many others have helped us in the past.  Now it is our responsibility to practice feeling profound gratitude for those who have loved us and cared for us.  When genuine gratitude emerges we will want nothing else but to give back the generosity, love, care and support to every being without exception.  This will be our greatest joy in life.”
— Nuptul Rinpoche